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This is a moving story about a ten-year old Hungarian girl, Klari, who leaves Budapest to join her parents in Toronto after a seven year separation. Klari had been left in the care of her grandmother when her parents had fled Hungary in 1956.

Klari expresses her insecurity by deliberately refusing to open up to the strangers who are her parents. She resents their abandonment and misses the familiarity of her home in Budapest. The frugal living conditions in Hungary are contrasted with modern Toronto. Klari has difficulty making friends and learning English at school. She experiences bullying and loneliness. Her parents carefully encourage her and in spite of disappointments Klari gradually adjusts. When a new girl joins her class, Klari becomes accepted and the new girl becomes the victim. Klari is torn between helping the new girl and enjoying her new friends.
The story gathers momentum as Klari listens to the "Whisper in my heart" and makes amends for the guilt she bears from a past event. This is a story about perseverance in the face of adversity. It would make a good novel study for young readers, particularly in a multi-cultural classroom. There are many opportunities for discussion. I recommend this book to elementary teachers and librarians as a valuable addition to their book collection.
Helen Bowes
Library Technician
Katimavik Elementary School
December 2004


I'm one of the kids that you came in and talked to in Grade 5. My name is Jacqueline. I just finished reading your book. It was the BEST!!!!!!! I really liked it. I think you should keep writing more books about Claire, until she is an adult. I really enjoyed it. I bet that you will win an award for that, once more people read it. I hope you become a very successful author. I really liked the part where Claire and Natilie become friends. I also liked it when Claire and her parents really connected. I loved your book, and can't wait for more. Keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Kathy Clark,

My name is Carrie and I was 1 of the students in the first class on Thursday. Our class began to read your book but never got to finish it. I enjoyed what I heard of the book so much that I decided to buy it. I read some of it tonight and I'd like to compliment on how interesting and fun this book is to read! I think I'll be reading it a lot!!! I was just wondering if you were going to be writing any more books soon? If you are I'd really like to know! Thank you very much for coming to our school.


Hi Again!

It's Carrie. (I wrote you an e-mail a long time ago!) I finished A Whisper In My Heart a long time ago, but I forgot to tell you what I thought! I really liked the end and how everything turns out!

Carrie M.

I bought your book this week at Chapters (and you signed it!). I haven't finished the book yet.But I'm on chapter 17 and so far it's a really good book. I like the book because it is updated and it happens in our time. How long did it take you to write the book?


 A Whisper in My Heart is a beautifully written story based on true events that draws the reader in from the very first page. Kathy Clark takes us into the center of a little girl's heart and lets us see this new world and her new family from Klari's perspective. While her first few months in Canada are very difficult, Klari learns a great deal about herself and this knowledge helps her find a place in her family and school. She discovers that tolerance must come from both sides before there is true acceptance.

I highly recommend this book for children 8 years and up, but it is also a perfect story to be used by teachers in the classroom. In this multicultural society, tolerance and understanding of children from different backgrounds often needs to be taught. It has become a significant issue in classrooms across the country and this book would definitely be a helpful resource.

Elaine Fuhr, Allbooks Reviews

What would it be like to be removed from the safety and comfort of your friends and family, and transported to another country where you didn't know the language? That would be quite challenging for an adult and exceptionally difficult for a child. In her beautifully written novel, A Whisper in My Heart, Kathy Clark describes the difficulties of Klari, a young girl who was abandoned by her parents as a toddler. Her parents needed to leave Budapest in the midst of the revolution in order to start a new life in Toronto. They left her in the care of her grandparents and then called for her to join them years later.

At the age of nine, poor Klari endures the culture shock of moving to a large North American city. She struggles to be accepted by her peers, who are not particularly keen to embrace a child with broken English and different clothes. Klari must also come to terms with her ambivalent feelings towards the parents who left her behind.
This wonderful book is chock-full of wisdom and wonder. It should be read by parents as well as children because Klari's immigrant parents also suffered from discrimination when they first arrived in Canada. A Whisper in My Heart is a real page turner -- I couldn't wait to find out what happened to Klari as she progressed with school and became more accustomed to life in Toronto.

Sigrid Macdonald is a freelance Writer in Ottawa, Ontario
She is author of D'Amour Road