School Visits

Invite Kathy Clark to Your School

Kathy visits schools to speak to students in grades 4-6. Her 45-minute presentations per class are interactive and can cover any or all of the topics below.  Please contact Kathy to book a visit.


A Whisper in My Heart


Difficulties experienced by immigrant children:

  • Why do people choose to come to Canada?
  • What are the difficulties they face? - focus on less obvious challenges such as learning new customs; shopping habits, the strange taste of even familiar foods, etc.
  • How can we help them overcome these difficulties?


  • Why would someone who looks different be bullied?
  • What can you do if you see someone bullied?
  • Why would you hesitate to do something?

The true story behind A Whisper in My Heart:

  • Brief description of the different life styles between Hungary and Canada in 1963 when the story takes place
  • How much of the story actually happened?



Guardian Angel House


Presentation Overview:

  • Each presentation lasts 40-60 minutes depending on the time availability and student questions.
  • Includes 45 power point slides.
  • Accommodates all age groups from nine years old to adults.

Historical, Geographical Background:

  • How the book came to be written.
  • A brief overview of WWII, the Holocaust and Hungary's role in it.
  • Some geographic details about the city of Budapest, where the story takes place.

Guardian Angel House:

  • Highlights of what happened in Budapest and in particular at the convent of the Sisters of Charity, nicknamed Guardian Angel House.
  • Focus on the heroism of the nuns and how together with the girls in their care they struggled to survive.
  • Reading of a brief excerpt from the book.
  • Questions & answers. 

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The Art of Writing

 This can include:

  • What are your biggest challenges in writing?
  • Editing is more than correcting spelling and grammar.
  • How to help your reader experience what your character is experiencing.
  • When is description beneficial.
  • From conception to the bookstore shelf.