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Article in Canadian Converts: Led by Love

Led by Love describes Kathy's long journey from Judaism to Catholicism. 

Excerpt from article:

My conversion from Judaism to Catholicism was not brought about by any sudden or miraculous revelation. Rather it was the result of years of searching and questioning with my heart and mind for that elusive power which, I sensed from a very early age, constantly surrounded me.

Ever since I can remember, I knew that I was loved. I do not mean this in the normal sense of a child being loved by her parents. In fact, that form of human, unconditional love was not part of my experience. My parents fled revolution-torn Hungary in 1956, leaving me behind, at the age of two and a half, in the care of my grandparents. My parents’ hopes of sending for me as soon as they settled in a safe country were dashed when the Communist government closed the Hungarian borders. It was six and a half years before I was re-united with my parents in Canada.

Article in Diplomat & International Canada Magazine

(winter, 2016): Hungary faces its demons head-on (pg.74-76)

This article describes the measures Hungary is taking to remedy its  treatment of its Jewish population during the second World War.

Excerpt from the article:

On March 9, 2015 Hungary assumed chairmanship of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) for the second time in the history of the intergovernmental organization.

“IHRA is a mirror which allows us to be confronted with our history, with our past” stated Hungarian Ambassador Balint Odor at the commencement of the ‘Remembering Through Music’ concert hosted by the Hungarian Embassy in June. “This is true for all countries participating and especially for those that are chairing the organisation. This mirror helped Hungary to look back to what role the Hungarian administration played during the tragedy of the Holocaust. The tragedy of the Holocaust remains a national trauma for Hungary. Every third victim in Auschwitz was a Hungarian Jew. Close to half a million Hungarian Jews died there. About 560,000 Hungarian Jewish and thousands of Hungarian Roma civilians were murdered during the Holocaust, most of them in 1944. This is one of the most shameful episodes of Hungarian history. Within a few weeks of the Nazi German occupation of Hungary, Jews were herded into ghettos with systematic cruelty and then deported to Auschwitz with the collaboration of the Hungarian state’s administrative bodies.”  The Ambassador’s words were appreciated by the Hungarian Holocaust survivors present at the concert. They had rarely had the opportunity to hear such a clear acknowledgment from a high-level government official of Hungary’s collaboration as an ally of Nazi Germany.

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