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Book launch for The Choice, April 18, 2015











Authors for Indies, Ottawa, 2015










Book Launch for Guardian Angel House, February 2009





















Yad Vashem Declares the Mother Superior, Rath Klara of Guardian Angel House, Rightous Among the Nations  - 2012

The Choice book launch2 (brighter).jpg
The Choice Book launch3 (brighter).jpg
Authors for Indies 2015.JPG
Book Launch (7).jpg
Book Launch (11).jpg
Kathy with Vera and Susan, the girls from Guardian Angel House
Aunt lighting Yad Vashem candle2.JPG
Aunt with Rath Klara's neice2.jpg
Susan Lighting the memorial candle at the Rightous Among the Nations Ceremony
Susan giving a copy of Guardian Angel House to Rath Klara's niece
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