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Kathy was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1953. In 1956, when she was 2 ½ years old, her parents fled the revolution torn country, leaving Kathy in the care of her grandparents. Due to the restrictions imposed by Hungary’s communist regime, it wasn’t until 6 ½ years later in 1963 that Kathy was able to immigrate to Canada. At last, she was reunited with her parents in Toronto.


The experience of that first year in Canada is the background for Kathy’s first novel, A Whisper In My Heart.

Always a lover of nature, Kathy studied Environmental Studies and Philosophy at the University of Waterloo. Between her first and second year of studies, Kathy took several months away from her studies to get to know Canada from coast to coast. During that year she also traveled to Israel where she lived on a Kibbutz for three months.

While at University, Kathy met Bruce Clark. They were married in 1977. Kathy devoted the next several years to raising their family. Kathy and Bruce have six children, five sons and one daughter (all adults now) and currently have fifteen grandchildren. Over the years they have enjoyed many activities together such as hiking, biking, cross country skiing and learning a variety of crafts. They spend their summers at the family cottage on an island in Georgian Bay where they enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty of Ontario. In the past they shared their home with several cherished pets including birds, reptiles, hamsters, rats, Guinea pigs, tropical fish and their loyal Standard Poodle, Recce.


Although always an avid reader, Kathy did not discover her love for writing until 1994. It was then that she started to write ‘A Whisper in My Heart’ as an attempt to describe to her daughter what life had been like for her as a new immigrant to Canada at the age of 10. After the success of that book Kathy continued to write stories of real life events that inspired her and that she longed to share with others.

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